Putting a flag on your house is fine, putting a bumper sticker on your car is also fine, but vandalizing a gas station in order to get your opinion out there is not fine.

I was out and about on Sunday when I realized I needed some gas. So, I made my way to the closest gas station, which happened to be the Phillips 66 off of Loop 289 and Quaker Ave. I did my usual thing, pulled up, swiped my card, and started filling up. Sometimes the pumps at this specific location can be a bit slow, so I was keeping an eye on the screen to see how fast it was going when I noticed something out of place.

I noticed that there was some sort of sticker stuck on the gas pump next to the screen. The sticker obviously didn’t belong there, but I was trying to place where I had seen it before. After a moment of pondering, it clicked, it was the bottom half of a sticker I had seen going around TikTok.

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The sticker in question is a photo of Joe Biden pointing at the gas price with text at the bottom saying “I did that.” These stickers are all over TikTok at the moment. You have the people that are making and selling them, the people that are putting them on the pumps, and the people that are peeling them off whenever they see them.

Although the sticker I saw was ripped in half, missing the photo of President Biden, I still managed to recognize it from the videos I’d seen. After my tank was full, I pulled up to the Stripes there and made my way inside. I wanted to ask the workers there if they had seen the stickers before, and how they deal with people vandalizing their pumps.

I got the chance to speak with Lisa, that location's Assistant Manager, about the situation. She told me that this was the first time she had heard of these stickers, but she wasn’t surprised that people would put them on the pumps. She wanted to see it for herself, so we walked out to the pump and checked it out. After taking a look she peeled it off and threw it away, thanking me for pointing it out. She said that she will definitely be keeping an eye out for the stickers from now on, and wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them pop up.

This was my first time encountering one of these stickers in person, but based on how many videos I’ve seen about them on TikTok, I would be shocked if there weren’t more of them being placed at different gas stations around Lubbock.

I understand having your opinion about this stuff, and you have the right to express those opinions, but it is unacceptable to vandalize property in order to get that point across. If you want to put a bumper sticker on your car that says “Let's Go Brandon” or even the more profane version of that, you are more than welcome to. Wear a t-shirt, fly a flag, or post about it on Facebook, but don’t be the jerk that thinks it’s funny to vandalize every gas station you visit with a stupid sticker.

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