I wouldn't be writing this blog if I didn't have a strong nominee. There is a really weird intersection over by my house in North Lubbock. I've seen people wreck there, go the wrong way on a one way and even die in that intersection. It's one of the most confusing pieces of engineering anywhere.

Just take a look at this monstrosity. Not only are there four one-ways streets, but three access roads shoot cars down into this mixer and there's not a hell of a lot of time or warning that they need to slow down. Also, there are NO TRAFFIC LIGHTS at this intersection; it's all stop signs.

So, are you familiar with this mess or can you nominate one that's even worse? Is there one that has more or worse blind spots? Or is there one that doesn't seem that bad that has a ton of wrecks anyways?

Let's hear from you in the comment section: What's the most dangerous intersection in Lubbock?