Texas is the land of opportunity. You can't travel more than 5 miles without seeing a small business or large corporation selling everything from oil changes and car washes to high-end investment advice. But what, I wonder, is the career in the Lone Star State that is seeing the most growth?

Bestcolleges.com released their list of the fastest-growing careers in Texas. Here are the top contenders:

Market Research Analysts

As businesses grow, they rely more and more on data gathered from their clients and customers. That's where these guys come in handy. Through researching target groups and purchasing habits, they can fine-tune market trends to be the best fit for the company.

2020 average salary: $76,800

Job outlook until 2030: 33.2%

Dental Hygienists

Sorry Texas, but we have a large portion of our population that is aging, and good healthcare is paramount in today's climate. Bad for overall health implications; good for projected career stability.

2020 average salary: $77,500

Job outlook until 2030: 35%

Physician Assistant

Back again in the healthcare field, this career path focuses on patient treatments and personal growth. The idea is that once their training is done, they can be full-fledged physicians and bully their own assistants when the time comes.

2020 average salary: $112,000

Job outlook until 2030: 37.3%

Operations Research Analysts

The crème de la crème of fastest-growing careers in Texas. These analysts improve organizational decision-making to help the business operate more efficiently in their market.

2020 average salary: $87,000

Job outlook until 2030: 37.9%

These are just some careers in Texas that are seeing growth. There are always other markets and fields of practice that can compete with those listed above.

I wonder what the list would look like in 10 years...

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