Thursday on KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin, Lubbock Mayor Dan Pope joined Matt and Dave to talk about the reopening of the city of Lubbock, how such a process would go, his concerns moving forward, what the Governor said, bars vs restaurants, citizens tower, and more.

The discussion started when the Mayor was asked how he thinks things have been going with the virus. Mayor Pope said that he thinks we are currently in a good spot with the city understanding more about the virus everyday, the number of new cases currently going down, and hospital capacity looking pretty good. Pope went on to say that he thinks this will allow us to safely reopen. He did say, however, that a reopening wouldn't be immediate, saying,

People are starting to get back in the habit of going out, and I think that's good. It's not a lightswitch kind of thing. I don't think we thought it would be, and I think we know it was not. You know, it's more of a gradual rebuild.

When asked what his biggest concern is about reopening, the Mayor said that he thinks we can reopen responsibly and safely, but that if he had a concern, it would be that he hopes people can stay safe during Mother's Day. The Mayor was also asked what would be different between the reopening plans that Lubbock had been planning vs what the Governor has now said. He explained that the main differences would have just been to open a little bit more quickly, as well as having businesses have 50% capacity vs 25% capacity.


Watch the full interview with Mayor Dan Pope in the video above.

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