If you've ever lived in a larger city than Lubbock, or you just spend time looking at houses on Zillow and other realty sights, then you know how crazy house prices can get.

Lubbock is a great city to live in, and a big part of that is the lower property taxes, as well as the affordability of the homes here. You can get a really nice large home in Lubbock, for a lower price than other large Texas cities.

I decided to dig into this and figure out just how different the Lubbock market is from one of Texas's largest cities, Dallas.

I wanted to make sure there was a fair comparison between the homes. So, I picked houses that are the same price, were within 30 minutes from either downtown or the largest airport in the area (with minimal traffic), and have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

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I will say, it was hard to find a house in Dallas that was comparable to the Lubbock home. Most of the options that were within that price range didn't meet the bed and bath requirement or were too far from the airport and downtown.

I found the best two houses to compare, and they are both very nice homes, with some notable differences. The Dallas home is almost 1,000 square feet smaller than the Lubbock home, and it is also around 50 years older.

The Dallas home does have a pool, but the Lubbock house has a hot tub as well as an overall larger backyard.

Take a look at the two homes and see which one you like better:

What House $500,000 Gets You in Lubbock vs. Dallas, Texas

One of the biggest draws to living in a smaller city rather than a large one is what kind of house you can get for the same price. Here's a comparison of two homes -- one in Lubbock and ther other in Dallas -- that both cost around $500,000 and have four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Take a look at the Dallas home, followed by the one in Lubbock, below:

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