Whenever you ask someone, "what Texas institution are we missing in Lubbock," there's usually one answer that is universal among them all.


Hands down, Buc-ee's is the one retail outlet that Lubbock seems to be missing the most, since it has become almost legendary in status as a Texas icon. The Mega Convenience Store has been on an expansion plan as of late, however, there is some concern that while Texas may be home for Buc-ee's, it is not where it's heart lies. Especially when it comes to West Texas.

It seems as though Buc-ee's plan of world domination doesn't include anything too far west of I-35, especially with the news that we saw on Twitter this week from Patrick Svitek of the Texas Tribune...

Crossville, Tennessee.

NOT Lubbock, Texas.

WKRN in Nashville breathlessly picked up the story:

In case you're wondering, Crossville, Tennessee is about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville on Interstate 40, which is probably why that location was chosen: the high volume of interstate travelers.

Even still, just because Lubbock is off the beaten path as far as cross-country travel goes and not on a major interstate doesn't mean that Buc-ee's belongs in Tennessee any more than they belong here. How about some freakin' TEXAS PRIDE? Instead, they'd rather expand to Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee than make a commitment to the state that made them famous.

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This begs the question: "WHY DOES BUC-EE'S HATE TEXAS?" Say what you will, but by avoiding anything west of Fort Worth, Buc-ee's is proving that they don't give a rat's (or beaver's) arse about real Texas. Buc-ee's seems to have an aversion to wide open spaces and Red Dirt.

Other amazing outlets have realized that Lubbock is the place to be in recent days. One only needs to look at the long lines daily at Dutch Bros to know that forward thinking businesses want to be in West Texas. Maybe Buc-ee's is seeing the rapid expansion plans of Circle K here in Lubbock and is afraid of getting their beaver butt kicked? Sounds like it to me.

In that instance, fine. I'll just speak for the congregation. WEST TEXAS DOES NOT WANT BUC-EE'S. We'd much rather have a Wawa or Allsup's. Maybe even a Kum & Go, just for the comedic value.

Stay Home, Beaver.

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