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The next time you travel to an area with wild animals, remember it is always best to keep your distance and by all means, never drop the camera.

A Texas woman recently had an encounter with a group of bison that she will never forget. Rebecca Clark was recording her adventure on her phone at Caprock Canyons State Park while she was out walking a trail by herself.

During her walk she came up on some bison that were next to the trail. In the video you can hear her saying, "I just want to go by, come on keep going." She sounded very nervous in the video and had reason to be. As soon as Clark begins to pass the bison, she is charged at and gored in the back. The bison then tossed Clark into a mesquite bush where she stayed for 50 minutes until help arrived. You can watch the video below.

@rebeccaclark Solo hiking at Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway in Texas. I was charged and gored by a bison because I was to CLOSE to be passing them on a trailway They are beautiful creatures protected by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) and are a part of the Texas State Bison Restoration Project where the park has restored the historic Charles Goodnight Bison herd (The Official Texas State Bison Herd) to a portion of its former range in the park. I am posting to support safety while enjoying Texas State Parks #TPWD #bisonetiquette101 #hikingsafety #llbean #chaos #rei ♬ dumb dumb - sped up - mazie

According to, Clark had a gash in her back and lots of "stickers and thorns" but is okay. She also said it was a "hard lesson to learn, but I still love hiking at Caprock."

So why did Clark post the video and subsequent videos about the gorging on TikToc? According to MRT, it was to "support safety while enjoying Texas State Parks".

The Texas Parks and Wildlife officials say that bison roam over 10,000 acres in the park.

Bison are the largest land animal in North America. That means they need a lot more personal space than you do to feel comfortable, officials said.

As a rule, bison require at least 50 yards (half a football field) between them and people. Officials said to use the "Rule of Thumb" to make sure you are far enough away: Stretch your arm out away from your face and give bison a thumbs up. Close one eye. If you can't cover the bison with your thumb, you're too close.

TPWD said agitated or anxious bison will raise their tails up in a question mark (like they did in Clark's video). Other signs of agitation or disapproval are pawing the ground and lowering its head.

It's also best if you go hiking with another friend or group of people. And always respect the wildlife and their space

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