In late August, Bruce Woodall arrived in Lubbock, a military veteran and firefighter, with his PTSD service dog named Wicket.

Wicket has been missing from the 4000 block of 39th Street since August 31st and is in desperate need of medication.

Bruce says that his family has put out over 200 flyers around the area that Wicket was last seen, with no luck so far. This is where you come in to help save the day and reunite this pup and his pal.

Wicket is a yorkie-chihuahua mix and is approximately 3-4 years old with black, brown, tan grey and white fur. He also sports a black mohawk with blonde fur on his feet. He's recently had a hair cut and weighs about 5 lbs, is approximately a foot tall, and has a face is blonde and black with a touch of brown fur. He's not neutered or chipped, and will likely avoid other humans as he is not from the area and is likely scared.

If you've seen Wicket or know of someone who's found a dog that looks like him, you should call Bruce at 501-693-9914 so that he and his family can act fast.

The worst part of this story is the fact that a veteran is without his form of PTSD treatment, and that simply will not stand. Any information that you might have regarding Wicket's whereabouts will be greatly appreciated and rewarded.

Let's help find Wicket soon and see this story end happily.

Missing Service Dog

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