Halloween is almost upon us. Here are some wonderful suggestions if you like to decorate, keep your kids happy and your conscious clear during this mega candy time of year.

We talked with our friend Brenda Duby with the United Supermarkets families about all of the above and she had some great news. Market Street, specifically, has some really fun, creative and beautiful decorations for Halloween. But she did recommend to stop by soon as the items are flying out of the store.

According to Duby, there are some healthy and fun alternatives for candy if your kiddos are allergic to nuts, chocolate or are gluten-free.

Jolly Ranchers, Smarties and Jelly Beans are gluten-free and nut-free. There are also sugar-free options at any United, Market Street, Amigos and Alberstons location.

She also had the cutest idea to get Clementine or Cuties oranges and use a sharpie (or any black marker) to make a little jack-o'-lantern face. We tried it ourselves and fell in love.

So trick or treat and feel great about decorating and helping your kiddos have the best Halloween yet.

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