Micah Peavy was a surprise transfer following the departure of Chris Beard on April 1st, 2021. It was widely assumed that Peavy would follow Beard to Texas, but as we found out this evening that wasn't the case. The Texas part was right, but Peavy's new school isn't the Longhorns; it's the Horned Frogs.

Yes, Micah Peavy is transferring to TCU.

The Red Raider faithful let out a collective, "Huh?"

The 6'7" Peavy averaged 5.7 points and 3.1 rebounds for Texas Tech. It looked like he was really turning the corner late in the season after working through a lot of his freshmen mistakes in 25 starts as a Red Raider during his true freshman season.

There's no way around this one, losing Peavy hurts. Losing Peavy to a school inside the Big 12 is somehow way worse. It's even worse that TCU went 12-14 last season and seems like a step down from Texas Tech in the basketball world. Of course, Chris Beard is no longer at Texas Tech, but the fan support that Peavy never got to experience as a player and the Womble facility is certainly better than what's offered at TCU.

I'd love to give you a reason for the move, but I don't have one.

TCU has been busy in the portal losing as many players as they've added so far including Damion Baugh from Memphis, Maxwell Evans from Vanderbilt, Shahada Wells from UTA, and a couple more.

Peavy isn't the only Red Raider to be officially announced as leaving the program today.

When Beard left for Texas, he took nearly the entire staff. His most important assistant took over the Red Raiders as an assistant. His most important staff member was officially announced as a Longhorn this afternoon.

"I'm excited and proud to have John Reilly and his family join us at Texas," Beard said on texassports.com. "Simply stated, John is the best. He is deservingly recognized at the top of his profession but is also so much more than our strength coach. John executes and defends our culture daily. He impacts winning. Our players will benefit most, because John teaches and produces through relationships. His individualized strength training and injury prevention methods are advanced thinking."

There's no denying the impact of Reilly on Texas Tech basketball in the last five seasons. His departure leaves huge shoes to fill for Mark Adams at Texas Tech.

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