It looks like the terrorists have found a new weapon: cupcakes. At least, that's what our "friends" at the TSA seems to believe.

At Las Vegas - McCarren International Airport, a TSA officer confiscated a woman's cupcake because he deemed the icing to be a potential security risk. Supposedly the frosting was "gel-like" enough to violate current TSA regulations. Needless to say, the woman was not pleased:

“The TSA supervisor, Robert Epps, was using really bad logic – he said it counted as a gel-like substance because it was conforming to the shape of its container.”

“We also had a small pile of hummus sandwiches with creamy fillings, which made it through, but the cupcake with its frosting was apparently a terrorist threat…I just don’t know what world he was living in,” said Hains, speaking of the TSA officer.

The TSA says that normally, cakes and pies can be brought on as a carry-on item, and are looking into why this cupcake was confiscated. But personally, I think the TSA officer was just hungry and wanted a little snack.