I'm no gun expert, but I'm pretty sure the proper way to unload .38 caliber handgun is NOT by firing it into a random wall.

TSA caught a flight attendant bringing a loaded gun through a security checkpoint at the Philadelphia international Airport. But when an airport police officer tried to unload the gun, the officer ended up firing the gun instead.

Action News has confirmed Republic Airlines flight attendant Jaclyn Luby was carrying a .38 caliber Smith & Wesson revolver in her carry-on bag.

She was making her way through security in Terminal C around 6:30 a.m. Sunday to work a flight to Denver when TSA spotted the weapon in the X-ray machine.

"Why would a flight attendant bring a gun, why would she carry a gun, I don't know," US Airways passenger Devrim Eren said.

Republic Airlines operates flights for US Airways which told Action News Luby was immediately taken into another room.

A Philadelphia police officer was trying to unload the .38 when it accidentally fired a round into the wall.

Investigators say Luby said she forgot the gun was in her bag.

"You would expect she would be more vigilant about the fact she travels so much that it should be second nature to her to basically check it out and check her bags out before coming to the airport," traveler Brian Saldanha said.

The flight attendant had a valid permit to carry a weapon, but was charged a summary offense of disorderly conduct and later released. No one was injured in the accident.

Normally, I wold blame TSA in stories like this, but for once, they were actually doing their job. The fault lies with a flight attendant who should know better than to bring a loaded gun to an airport and a police officer who doesn't know how to unload a gun properly. If you're going to have a gun, you can't afford to be careless with it.