It came out on Friday that Donald Trump will be announcing something about his Presidential campaign on May 15th. Oh and he is going to do it on his TV show, during the season finale. Nah, I'm sure it has nothing to do with ratings.

It scares me to see that Donald Trump is leading the field of GOP candidates. What exactly are people thinking? How can so many people take Trump seriously? I can't do it. Trump has even floated the idea of running as an independent which would almost guarantee an Obama victory.

I still believe Trump is doing this for show. I haven't watch his TV show so I had no idea it was hurting this bad. The whole "birther" kick Trump is on also gives me chills. Obama's birth place, while important, doesn't need to get this much play. I'm still not on the birther bandwagon and I think it's a horrible campaign strategy.

Trump might be saying the right things now, but can we really trust the guy?

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