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Candidates across Lubbock and the State of Texas continue to announce their campaigns. On Thursday, Tom Brummett, who has worked as an assistant district attorney under the last three administrations, announced his campaign for Lubbock County Court at Law No. 2.

In an earlier press release, Brummett said that after serving the people of Lubbock and West Texas for over 19 years, he is hoping to expand that role and "meet the needs of our community in a different way". And that is why is seeking office for Lubbock County Court of Law No. 2.

Brummett last ran for office in 2020 for the 140th District Court but lost to Judge Douglas Freitag. Lubbock County Court of Law No. 2 is currently held by Judge Drue Farmer, who is not seeking reelection. Lubbock County Court of Law No. 2 covers all of Lubbock County and is one of two courts that preside over misdemeanor criminal cases.

In the press release, Brummett said that everything in our society is "built on respect for the rule of law".

“Everything in our society is built on respect for the rule of law,” he explains, “if people don’t have faith the court is there to ensure our founding principles are strictly followed and the rules faithfully enforced, regardless of personal feelings, then we can’t ask them to respect any of our institutions or traditions or truly believe our government serves the people.”

Brummett was born in Lubbock and graduated from Texas Tech. After graduating from Texas Tech, he went to and received his law degree from Indiana University.

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