Thursday on Lubbock's First News, District 3 Councilman Todd Klein discussed his decision not to return to his seat on the Lubbock City Council.

Klein feels that he "can do more as a private citizen in this time in life." However, he does not intend to attend City Council meetings after his term has ended. He suggested that "you can still be a part of the process without getting in the way of things." Klein observed that George Bush has set an example of how to work after leaving office: "When you step out of office, you don't try to tell everybody now in office how to do things. I think you'll see me at the local level in citizen activity."

When asked if he planned to make an effort to return to office in the future, he stated uncertainty. He has no immediate plans to seek out candidacy, but may reconsider if the opportunity arises later. He also discussed issues currently on the City Council agenda: the memorial for Timothy Cole and the increasing municipal responsibility to attend to roads and construction.

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