Today is a day we can all unite and celebrate. It's National Brownie Day! Brenda Duby, Corporate Dietician admitted that you don't always hear dieticians talk about brownies, but it is okay to have a brownie today. Just don't eat an entire thing of them!

Duby said a great thing to do for Christmas parties is to purchase the Texas Brownies that you can get at Market Street. She said to cut the brownies into squares, add a strawberry and put a toothpick on them. They make great treats and the toothpick makes them easy to eat at a Christmas party.

Since today is National Brownie Day, United Supermarket locations have $1.00 off all brownies.

In the video above, Duby gave more tips about brownies and talked about United's brand new location in Lubbock which is located at 130th and Indiana.

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