It's very possible that Lubbock and surrounding areas will see rolling blackouts due to the winter storm. Those in Texas on the ERCOT power grid have already seen rolling blackouts with some residents dealing with multiple blackouts and others without power for hours.

The Southwest Power Pool announced on Monday (February 15th) that rolling blackouts could occur in our area at some point today. While this is no guarantee, it's smart to plan in advance just in case the power goes out.

Here are some tips to get you through a power outage due to winter weather.

1. Charge your devices

Make sure your phones, laptops, and tablets are charged. In the event of a prolonged outage, you will want to make sure to conserve power on your devices and still have a way to get help if needed.

2. Layer-up

This one probably goes without saying, but with the the power going out, your home will get colder. Put on layers and add blankets to stay warm.

3. Find flashlights and put in new batteries

Flashlights are a must on a cold, dark night. They can bring security and help you see where you are going inside and outside. Make sure to replace the batteries. When was the last time you used your flashlight? Exactly. Most of us have no idea. You might need them for hours, so make sure you aren't left in the dark.

4. Unplug stuff

Rolling blackouts can have a major impact on your TV and computer, as well as other appliances. Turning off and on is not good for the lifespan and could trip a breaker.

5. Keep your food cold

If your power goes out, keep the refrigerator door closed. Your food should be good for a few hours. If you get worried, the low in Lubbock is going to be 5 degrees so as a last resort you could store some outside. I have heard of people up north doing this. Also, this would be a good time to remind people to always have bottled water and canned food at home just incase.


You want to stay warm. We get it. But we also want you to stay alive. That means you should NEVER bring your gas-powered generators indoors. In fact, they should remain 30 feet away from your home.

Also, NEVER use a stove or oven for heat. That could lead to carbon monoxide poising.

Stay warm and safe.

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