TikToker and comedian Trinity Newman recently posted a video showing patrons of a restaurant she's eating at. As the camera pans through the establishment, it appears that all of the white customers were sat in one area, while the black customers were sat in another section.

The only exception appears to be an older white man that is seated on the side away from the other white people.

This video brought on a slew of comments that either suggest the establishment is purposefully segregating their customers or that it's just a coincidence.

Some comments come from people that have worked in restaurants and say that it’s just a coincidence based on the randomized seating most places implement. They believe it is unfortunate that the sections ended up separated like this, but there is no malicious intent made by the establishment.

On the other end, people think blaming a randomized seating chart is not legitimate. They believe that the seating had to be intentional and simply show the racism of the restaurant's staff or owner.

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There are also many people commenting that they think the TikToker is reaching and just trying to make something out of nothing. Newman was previously combating these comments with sarcastic remarks until today, when she made a video response to a comment.

In the video, you can tell the user is heated by the comments saying she is simply reaching to find something wrong. She says how the commenter, who appears to be white based on their profile, can’t comment on how Newman should react because she hasn’t experienced racism.

Some commenters asked for the name of the establishment, but Newman said that she received excellent service from her black waiter, so she will not be exposing the establishment.

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