Lubbock has been seeing a lot of rain recently, and with rain comes mosquitos. I don’t know if I just never noticed them 'til now, but it seems like there are more mosquitos than usual this year. I spent a lot of time outside this weekend and I'm covered in bites.

Obviously, no one likes mosquitos, and everyone wants to know how they can get the little blood suckers to leave them alone. I came across a TikTok from a man who lives in Lubbock the other day. In the video, he shows a device he got from Home Depot that's supposed to help get rid of mosquitos.

My first thought was that it would just be one of those things that repels them, like a candle or spray. However, this device will actually kill the mosquitos. Not only will it kill them, it will make them explode. That’s right, explode.

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The product comes with two tubes that have a combination of yeast and sugar in them. You're supposed to add warm water, shake, attach the lid that has holes so the bugs can get in, and then hang it up outside. The yeast mixture releases carbon dioxide, which attracts the mosquitos who think it’s blood. They drink it up, fly off, and the yeast expanding in their abdomens causes them to burst.

I would assume that you could come up with a similar concoction on your own in case you don’t want to pay $25 or if you just have the ingredients laying around. Otherwise, it seems like a very smart device that could help a lot of people solve the mosquito problem near their homes.

I want to thank the kind Lubbock man that posted about this. Hopefully, this will help many people avoid being covered in itchy bites for the rest of the summer.

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