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While many people like going out to bars to enjoy the atmosphere and spend time with friends, not everyone likes to drink. If you're the only one in your friend group that prefers to go without alcohol, you might feel left out as your friends sip on fancy-looking yummy cocktails and you're stuck with water or a soda.  

As someone who enjoys a tasty drink but doesn't always want to drink alcohol, I understand this struggle all too well. That's why I enjoy ordering something like a Shirley Temple because it's fun, cute, and delicious. If you feel the same way, then you'll be excited to hear that a Lubbock bar is now offering an official mocktail menu for their sober, sober curious, and low ABV customers.  

Narrow Bar is one of Lubbock’s newest bars located next to Newk's Eatery on the bottom floor of what used to be the Wells Fargo building on Broadway, but is now owned by McDougal. It's a sleek, modern bar with a large drink menu and a variety of bar food. I've been there once before and enjoyed their pizza along with a tasty gin cocktail. 

The bar also features an option to order via "dealer's choice" in which you give a couple of guidelines like liquor, price, and flavor profile, then the bartender makes you whatever drink they think you’d like based on those parameters. This gives customers the opportunity to try something new without the pressure of figuring it out themselves. I would also imagine that this way of ordering will be applicable to their new mocktail menu as well. 

This new menu is not currently available to view on their website or social media pages, but they've announced that it's available to order from in person.  

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