We're approaching the last half of the year which means wedding season is soon upon us. I can already hear brothers practicing cringey speeches and trucks dropping off pounds of flower petals.

The price tag and scale of a wedding is always something to brag about, so where does Texas stand in average wedding cost?

National average

If you were to get married right now in America, the average cost would hover around $30,000.

Depending on where you live, some states are much more pricier than others. For example, Kansas, Utah and Oklahoma all have an average wedding cost of $16,000, but on the flip side, New Jersey has the highest reported average cost at $51,000.

The average cost in America for a wedding venue sits just over $11,000. Other costs include $3,900 for live band, $2,600 for photographer, $2,400 for flowers, and just over $2,000 for a videographer.

In a survey conducted by LendEDU, 33% of participants entered into debt for their wedding, with 72% saying their wedding was more extravagant after going in to debt as opposed to paying out of pocket.

Texas average

Texas sees a comfortable average wedding cost of $27,000, according to last year's numbers from recent studies.

Average engagement ring price

In Texas, the average cost of an engagement ring sits at $8,000, according to wisevoter.com. This is noticeably higher than the national average of $6,500.

Washington takes the wedding cake of most expensive average engagement ring cost at just over $10,000, and South Dakota is the cheapest at $3,000.

So, now when yet another friend of yours is getting married this year, you can be prepared with numbers and stats before the wedding cost inevitably comes up.

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