Wind is a fact of life in Lubbock. Complaining about it would be like complaining about sand on the beach; it just is.

We're reaching that time of the year when it's a bit more problematic. With that in mind, take a big breath of fresh air while you can and enjoy this list of the weird things you just might find blowing around Lubbock.

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    I could have made this more interesting and said "landscape" or "New Mexico," but the fact is the wind causes a lot of dust and dirt to fly from point A to point C. What's point B, you ask? That would be your lungs.

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    Plastic Bags

    Windy season is almost a holiday in Lubbock with the sound of plastic bags hung up in trees and rippling in the breeze. I don't think Lubbock will ever go as radical as Austin and ban bags, but they sure don't do much for the looks of the town.

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    Sometimes I'm amazed at how big tumbleweeds can get. I've seen them almost as big as a Volkswagen bug. What's crazy to me is people on The Loop veering to miss them. Smash 'em up, I say. I think that's much safer than trying to avoid them.

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    Fast Food Cups

    Guys, c'mon. Put your Coke cups and other fast food trash in a trash can. Don't mess with Texas, remember?

    I don't even think you're throwing this stuff outside your window. It's more likely you forgot your cup on a table or on your tailgate or something, it then dries up and gets blown around forever.

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    Yes, pets made the list. While it would be almost humorous (in a 'holy crap, is that really a dog flying around?') to see dogs and cats flying around, the fact of the matter is that many are "in the breeze" because the high winds knock fences and pens down and they get out.

    Be a good human and help those dogs and cats get home after a windy day.

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    Admit it, you've looked at a pile of leaves and said, 'f*** it, the wind will blow them away.' Everybody in Lubbock does it. Sometimes, they'll rake up the majority of leaves, but most times at least some are left for Mother Nature to disperse.


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