Lubbock, Texas has been called a lot of things. One former football coach compared his time in Lubbock to being stationed in Iraq. There might be a dust storm or two that you have to contend with, but those are few and far between -- for most of the year, anyway.

There are also other publications that perpetuate the national rumor that Lubbock is the most boring city in America. Not sure how that can be when the city is the hub of all the action in West Texas, hence the name Hub City.

With Texas Tech athletics, a cocktail that was invented in Lubbock and plenty of BBQ, there's a long list of things to do in Lubbock. Not to mention there's a new show announced every week at the Buddy Holly Hall and local comedy going on nearly every night of the week.

More than that, if you're not boring and you've decided to make Lubbock you're home, there are a few loose guidelines you'll want to follow.

Here they are.

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