I know, I know. Meatballs? It might sound weird if you've never had them. I'm still a turkey leg girl at heart, but I tried some deep-fried meatballs from Holy Meatballs last year, and holy smokes, those thangs are delicious.

We're currently one month away from this year's South Plains Fair. One more month until you can ride rides until you puke, one more month until you can stuff your face with all of that tasty deep-fried goodness, and one more month until you can try 129,320 times to win a goldfish. This time, you've got it. I can feel it.

While you're there, be sure to check out Holy Meatballs if you get a chance. They've got deep-fried meatballs, homemade ranch, and Funolis, a deep-fried dessert served with cannoli sauce. Out of this world yumminess.

Eric and Kassey Montoya
Eric and Kassey Montoya

I'm gonna eat like 11 meatballs, drink a massive Coke, and then ride something that goes upside down and spins way too many times. The fair only happens once a year and I've got to get my money's worth while I'm there. You only live once, right?

I usually go out there for a live-remote radio job, so be sure to stay tuned. Maybe you can catch up to me and we can cram meatballs in our faces together. What a joyous occasion! Hopefully, it won't be too hot outside, because I'm totally going to sport sweatpants and my IDGAF attitude for good measure.

I hope to see you at the South Plains Fair, happening September 23rd through October 1st at the South Plains Fairground, 105 E Broadway in Lubbock, Texas.

What's your favorite fair food? Comment below on our Facebook page.

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