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I often speak of paying attention to the "intersections" of Life; when paths merge if even for a minute. You never know what will transpire after it passes .. what ripples may travel after we send the skipping stones along through our days. You may miss out on something amazing or humbling; something powerfully blessing. Maybe a warning or a portent? You won't know unless you are paying attention.

Sitting in a studio each day, essentially talking to myself, one never truly knows who cares or what is happening "out there" in ListenerLand. One of the few reasons I like technology is that it provides a modicum or feedback; texting and DMs. People seem scared of the phones; actual one-on-one immediacy of intimacy. It's funny.

Every now and then though, something happens. I pay attention and so I see these things as they occur. I'm still surprised when they happen because there's always that little nagging voice that tells me that I'm kidding myself about "intersections" .. the ripples.

Saturday past, at the Silver Spur Gun and Blade Show, Chad Hasty and I were remote broadcasting and doing our usual "two guys harumphing and laughing" bit. Several people came up and said hello. While all were appreciated, two were quite noteworthy.

One was local author Dan Dennison. He was the typically shy first-timer on approach. I stood and greeted him as he handed me his book [see pic]: a humble tome of Godly advice for teens and young adults. He said: "Listening to your show inspired me to write the book that I've had in my head and heart for a decade or so.". I was in the midst of the rare "speechless" moments you hear about. My everyday way I speak of the Judeo-Christian walk on McDermott At-Large apparently had an effect of showing how to not be afraid to stand, speak and defend beliefs.

No website to promote. No request for air-time. Just the gift for me.

Humbly, I sat; moved to contemplative silence because I had just been goofing off for 30 minutes with Chad when Dan walked up. Ya just never know. It's surreal. I am grateful for epiphanies like these: all the time, everywhere, God is there. He is good. Thank you, Dan.

Then another guy walks up. Chad and I aren't engaged in conversation, so the listener doesn't know who is who. I'm closest to him, so I say hello and introduce Chad and then myself. "This is for you the ..", he says, as he hands me a felt-sleeved item. I reveal it and find a sleek, beautifully etched and engraved pen.

"When you see only one set of footprints, it was then I carried you" .. with little footprints circling around the nib.

"The wood is from Jerusalem", he said. "I made this myself.". This item is too much and too generous for me, I thought and I uttered, but he wasn't hearing any of it. I told him I would love to promote his craft but he has no website, no brick n mortar building. He handed me his card.

STIKPENS by Tim    //    Tim Howle     //

It's the best I can do - which is nothing compared to the pen - but he was happy.

Paying attention. Putting it out there. Intersecting and causing ripples.
It's all I can do. Thanks fellas for making this goofy kid's day. I appreciate it all much more than I could ever say. And I say a LOT.

Blessings y'all. Choose joy. I'll see you on the radio or at the intersection!

- McDermott

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