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What type of pie do you want this Thanksgiving? The answer may depend on where you live.

From Pumpkin to Apple to Sweet Potato, pie's hold a special place in the hearts and stomachs of Americans celebrating Thanksgiving. If your Thanksgiving celebration is anything like my family's celebration there will probably be multiple pies for dessert on Thanksgiving. And everyone has their favorite pie and depending on where you grew up, your favorite pie might just be part of your DNA.

According to the Huffington Post, Google took a look at pie trends across the United States to see which pie was the favorite in each state. And I don't think the result will come as a huge surprise for those of us living in Texas.

The number one, most popular Thanksgiving pie in Texas is...


The Pecan Pie.

While Pumpkin Pie might be considered the "face of Thanksgiving Pies" it's actually only the favorite pie in a handful of states. Meanwhile, Pecan Pie dominates in Texas and only in Texas. And Texans really shouldn't be surprised since Pecan Pie became of official state dessert in 2013.

Across America, the other favorite pies are pumpkin, apple, cherry, sweet potato, and key lime. The love of key lime pie for Thanksgiving is still one that is a bit surprising to me, especially outside of Florida.

Find out more about which pies are each states favorites here.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy a slice or two of pie while you celebrate.

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