Like many people I commute everyday to work in Lubbock while living outside of the city limits but there seems to be one thing that always stands out to me and that's how many things are covering the roads. From hay bales to watermelons to road kill there are just things all over Lubbock County roads that seem to make driving frustrating.

It is also hard to see those poor little animals that we see splattered all over the road who used to be someone's pet or maybe even a wild animal. I have had my fair share of near misses since I usually come into the Townsquare Media studios before the sun is up, weirdest thing I ever saw on the road involved a box, an opossum and a splattered pumpkin.

So what can people do once they have hit an animal? Well not a whole lot. Many animals once they are hit by a vehicle are usually dead on impact and all you can do is call Lubbock Animal Services to pick up the body. There is that rare chance that the animal is stunned, or if its an opossum its babies survived in its pouch, then you can call the South Plains Wild Life Rehabilitation Center but would have to bring that injured animal into the center yourself.

Along with animals many trucks lose items from their truck beds or bags of trash go flying out of dump trucks on their way to the landfill. I have seen countless rakes, bags of trash, and even plank boards with nails in them (I stop and move those planks for good karma). Running over things in the road is almost the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard, like running over a big tumbleweed or even a jackrabbit which feels like hitting a child. Make sure to stay vigilant when driving in the city limits or outside of them because you can hit anything while driving.

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