An Oregon man made false claims of travelers being terrorists to two different airports. One was in Las Vegas, and the other was in Midland. And it was all over a wedding invitation.

Before I continue, can we all just take a second to realize that Midland, Texas named its airport the Midland International Air and Space Port? Really, Midland? Space port?

Yes, space port. And here's why:

In September 2014 it became the first US facility licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to serve both scheduled airline flights and commercial human spaceflight.

So, back to our story. Sonny Donnie Smith called both airports to report that members of his own family were terrorists, all because they got invitations to another family member's wedding and he didn't.


Smith could be sentenced for up to two years in prison, a $250,000 fine and one year of supervised release. He's set to find out his sentence on May 10.

Sonny, if this is how you treat your family members, I think I see why they didn't want you there.

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