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You’re bound to come across so many different walks of life and personalities if you spend enough time on the internet. Everything from having fun and dancing to the latest trends, to sharing embarrassing stories, there’s so much out there to enjoy.

One of my favorite parts of being on the internet, specifically apps like TikTok, are the people you come across. There are so many creators out there that can inspire, entertain, or make you feel less alone simply by sharing what they have to say. One of my favorite creators right now is Emma McCoy.

McCoy is a Texas woman that is about as southern as you can get. Her charming personality, motivational videos, and slew of southern anecdotes will have you thoroughly entertained as you scroll through her videos.

I first came across her on TikTok when she posted a two-part video of her buying a watermelon and proceeding to crack it open with her thighs. I immediately knew she was the type of woman I'd want to be friends with, so I gave her a follow and have been keeping up with her since.

I’m not the only one that’s been charmed by her ways, because she has a following of over 340 thousand people with 4.4 million likes on her videos. If you haven’t seen her on your ‘for you page’ yet, you better check out her profile and show her some love, because I swear, she is a mix of everything that’s good about the Lone Star state, blended up into one person.

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