There are many things that catch your eye in Lubbock and West Texas, and the spider house at Avenue T & 23rd Street is no exception.

One of my co-workers shared a picture of the house in his neighborhood and I just had to investigate. I was able to meet with the owner, Sunday Land, who absolutely loves Halloween. She told me she enjoys decorating her house early in October to get kids and adults alike excited about Halloween.

One thing Sunday doesn't do is spend a lot of money on decorations. She is imaginative and inventive and uses black and white garbage bags and newspapers to create this myriad of ghosts and spiders along with Halloween garland and lights. She says she never spends more than about $5 on the supplies needed to make these amazing decorations.

"You don't need to spend a billion dollars to decorate for Halloween," she said. "You just need some garbage bags, an imagination and a passion for Halloween."

Way to go Sunday for making life and Halloween fun!

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