Old school Lubbockites know how amazing Gardski's Loft was. And it wasn't only because of their food -- even though it was the first place in town to have cheese sticks. It was the really cool old building it was in. And a new restaurant is set to bring that building back.

The Bierhaus Lubbock should be opening this week according to recent news stories and Facebook posts. It will be a very modern and updated style, with vintage touches. That's right, I said it's modern and vintage. It can be two things! It will always have a vintage appeal for me since the old Gardski's Loft was such an iconic restaurant building. It was Lubbock's oldest restaurant building from the 1920s, and was built from an old house on one of Lubbock's oldest streets.

So if you're headed down to the Broadway area, stop in and see Lubbock's newest hangout.

One of the cool things I noticed in their pictures is that the patio has swings. Those are going to be the most popular seats in town on a Friday at happy hour for sure.

Bierhaus Lubbock Via Facebook

They also have a really big chair:

Bierhaus Lubbock Via Facebook