PETA’s newest pro-vegan ad campaign comes from four students at Texas Tech’s Public and Social Service Design class.

The ad, featured to the left, won a contest for the animal rights group and encourages people to embrace the vegan lifestyle.

The ad also features in white block letter, “You’re eating S*^&,” to bring attention to the poster’s message that slaughterhouses are contaminated with fecal bacteria.

The four Texas Tech Students started cutting their meat consumption as well, including one starting the vegan lifestyle altogether.

"All these students met PETA's challenge head-on and tackled the cruelty of the meat industry in strong, clever, and moving ways," says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

"The winning designers' ad does a great job of confronting viewers with the fact that slaughterhouses are cruel and filthy—and that every time you take a bite of meat, you're putting your health at risk."

PETA claims that slaughterhouses are contaminated with feces and blood from the animals and that the animals are not treated in a humane way.

PETA also claims that  a Consumer Reports survey, fully two-thirds of super-market chicken meat is tainted with campylobacter or E. coli, and more than 70 percent of meat tested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was contaminated with E. coli.