PETA is back in the news, doing what they do best: causing a scene by doing something ridiculous.

This time, PETA is filing a lawsuit against the aquatic theme park chain SeaWorld for "violating the rights of captive killed whales." The lawsuit is listing five orca whales in SeaWorld's California and Florida parks as the "plaintiffs." PETA says that the park had "violently seized" the animals from their parents and that the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery, should also be extended to animals.

PETA's pretty good at causing a stir, (as they proved when they  visited Lubbock a few months ago ) but are these publicity stunts really the best way to get their message across? That's all this law suit is: another publicity stunt designed for shock value. Maybe if PETA were to take a more serious approach to their message, people would start taking them more seriously?

There is no way any reasonable judge would agree to hear this case. But if someone actually did, I would love to see them try to bring some whales into the courtroom.