[UPDATED 2:40 p.m., JULY 13, 2016]

Texas Tech University released a statement just after 2:15 p.m. concerning the now-deleted tweet.

“As an institution of higher learning, Texas Tech University is dedicated to an inclusive environment for all and supports our students’ rights to freedom of expression," said Chris Cook, Managing Director in Texas Tech's Office of Communications & Marketing. "A recent tweet sent from a student organization account is not representative of the university or the student organization.”


[ORIGINAL STORY] Wednesday during The Chad Hasty Show on KFYO, host Chad Hasty talked about a tweet posted by the Texas Tech University Black Student Association (@TTUBSA) on July 6, 2016 -- the day before five Dallas law enforcement officers were ambushed and murdered during a Black Lives Matter protest in Downtown Dallas.

The tweet was subsequently deleted, but not before followers had captured a screenshot of the tweet, which read:

All Lives don't matter...
White lives don't matter...
Blue lives don't matter...

Hasty today, both on air during today's show as well as via Twitter, requested comment and demanded an investigation by Texas Tech on the issue.

Apparently upset and concerned students, fans and Texas Tech alumni have also been protesting to Texas Tech and the TTU Black Student Association. The @TTUBSA Twitter account was shut down today (July 13, 2016).

During his rant on the matter, as a talk show host as well as Texas Tech alumnus, Hasty said:

This is the kind of crap you see on college campuses. This is the kind of stuff President Obama needs to talk about. You know you have President Obama, he's going to hold a town-hall on this, on race. This is the kind of stuff he should talk about. And I'm telling you right now, Texas Tech University, they need to do something about this. They need to get a press release, they need to get on top of this right now. Because I guarantee you, if it was any, any kind of young Republican, young conservative, college Republican, student government association that had tweeted out about Black Lives Matter, the university would take swift action.

Listen to the rest of Chad's thoughts in the video above.

This story will be updated as official comments are received from Texas Tech or the TTU Black Student Association.

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