Friday on The Chad Hasty Show, District 28 Senator Charles Perry joined Chad almost immediately after the announcement to talk about the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

Asked by Hasty about his initial thoughts on the ruling, Perry said: "First of all on the Supreme Court level, I think that the republic form of government that we have instilled into this constitution that we operate under, has been totally been dismayed, dismantled."

Perry continued: "Under republican form a minority voice should be heard and considered in decisions, but, it seems that a minority voice has become the sole determinate on most of the Supreme Court decisions. Which really can only be justified by the fact that I think it's been politicized to the point of being beyond recognition of separation of branches and power."

Perry also said: "It's a huge decision point, it's a point in our country where I hope that people will take a pause and say, 'No, this one's not good, this is one that we should push back on,' and I hope we see that."

Listen to the entire interview with Senator Charles Perry in the video box above.

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