Texas Senator Charles Perry has filed a bill that would prohibit the sale of synthetic drugs within the State of Texas weeks in advance of the upcoming 2015 Texas legislative session.

"In shops across the state, dangerous synthetic drugs are being sold to our youth over the counter without repercussions” said Sen. Perry. "These drugs are unregulated and more dangerous than the illegal counterparts they seek to imitate.”

One of the major challenges with the analogous drug scene is that manufacturers are able to alter the chemical makeup of their drug to stay within the confines of the law.

According to Senator Perry, SB 199 would add many new synthetic chemicals to the banned list and would include a “controlled substance analogue provision that will act as a ‘catch all’ for drugs with substantially similar chemical composition or intended to produce substantially similar effects”.

Perry said 53 merchants in Lubbock County are known to have sold some form of these products.