Ren Faire, a three-part series from HBO, showcases the power struggle between the current leader and founder of the Texas Renaissance Festival, George Coulam, and two others vying for the position.

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For those unaware of what the Texas Renaissance Festival actually is, it boasts the title of America's "largest and most acclaimed Renaissance-themed attraction", according to the website.

With 70 acres of land and over 400 shops, the Texas Renaissance Festival is open for 17 days this year on weekends between October and December.

Ren Faire docuseries

The show follows "King" George as he recaps his 50-year reign from the festival's inception in 1974 until now.

The two potential candidates for the throne that the series focuses on are the festival's general manager Jeffrey Baldwin and Louie Migliaccio who owns a portion of vendor sites and attractions.

In true Shakespearian fashion, both men feel they are the best fit to replace the current monarch. Both must walk the line of doing what's best for the "people" while making efforts to appease the current ruler and get on his good side.

The director, Lance Oppenheim (two letters away from being an even more iconic name), made efforts to intertwine the seriousness of this battle for the crown along with elements of comedy and absurdity.

Part one premiered at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin back in March, while fans will have to wait until June to watch the full series.

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