TikTok -- the platform where you can watch silly animals, learn dances and waste hours upon hours of time. It's also the place to see other people's life experiences that you would probably never believe if there wasn’t video proof.

This week's unbelievable TikTok goes to this video of a neighborhood gathering to watch a couple get arrested on their street. The couple had allegedly been harassing the Grayson County neighborhood, so the police were called to handle the situation.

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The video shows the escalation of the conflict over time. You start by seeing footage of a woman taking a piece of paper and throwing it at a police car with the caption "she wouldn't take the ticket and assaulted the police officer." As the woman is throwing a fit over the ticket, the man with her (supposedly her husband) is filming the interaction on his phone.

The video then moves on to say that the police officer returned with a warrant for both the woman and her husband. The TikTok shows the police vehicle following their car with its sirens on as they drive down the road.

The video cuts to the woman resisting arrest and not getting on the ground as the officer instructed her. While the officer is trying to restrain the woman, her husband is said to be calling their lawyer while his wife is being arrested.

The video cuts again to the county sheriff walking the man in handcuffs to his vehicle. The clip is explained with a caption saying that the man attempted to run once the sheriff arrived, but was caught.

The description of the video says that the woman was charged for assault on a peace officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The husband was reportedly also charged with resisting arrest, as well as deadly misconduct.

While this arrest is taking place, the residents of the neighborhood are all gathered, sitting in their front yard and watching the craziness unfold. As the sun sets, the residents wave goodbye to the couple is being taken away in the two police vehicles.

I can’t imagine how great it must have felt to see them taken away after all of that chaos.

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