Houston, Texas native Sunny Sweeney, the rising mercurial country star, will be in Lubbock, Friday night, April 29 at The Office Grill & Sports Bar.

Don't let Sunny's name fool you. Her brand of country music storytelling isn't all sunshine and daisies. It's a bottle of Jack and a cigarette, telling the cold hard truth.

Sunny's new album is "Provoked" and she tells it like it is -- from heartbreak to divorce and hardship.

"All of the emotions I've been through over the last two or three years are on this album, and it's exactly the record I wanted to make," Sweeney says of the album. "The truth is, I am a human being, and I've gone through a bunch of s--t in my life that I'm not always proud of, but writing songs is the best way I know to work through that stuff, try to get past it and hopefully move to a better place. And what you hear on this record is me trying to figure it all out."

Spoken like a true Texan. Authentic, beautiful and hitting us where we live.

Rivers and Rust will open for Sweeney. The duo of Sheila Marshall and Kyle Cooke blends the perfect combination of raw soul, rock and Americana.

It's gonna be a one-of-a-kind, dance your boots off and raise a glass kind of night!