If you are looking to eat some Korean food here in Lubbock I think I found your next spot.

We all know Texas Monthly, they do such a great job featuring different places around Texas especially when it comes to food. Lubbock has made the list a couple of different times with restaurants here but this one is new to the list.

Now making their radar is Masiso Cupbap which is a Korean bbq restaurant that offers things like Bulgogi, Galbi, Japche, Kimbap, Katsu, Bibimbap, Udon, Ramen, and so much more.

Texas Monthly posted on October 10, 2022, about their experience at the restaurant. They gave them three stars out of five.

This is what the post reads: "Like a towering foam cup filled with pork bulgogi, this Korean spot gets better the deeper you dig.

Like the entrées served in a towering foam cup, this place gets better the deeper you dig in. While the renovated Wienerschnitzel might be easy to pass by, inside a bright, cheerful interior complements a bold menu. We loved the spicy kimchi ramen, served in portions large enough for two, but we couldn’t pass on a bulgogi combo with sweet-savory beef, spicy-sour pork, and sesame-garlic chicken. Since the dishes are so inexpensive, you can afford to try a few. We rounded out our family-style meal with crisp pork dumplings cut through with fresh green onion and, for a bite of dessert, a fried sweet potato soaked in honey."

While I have only been to Masiso Cupbap once I was pleasantly surprised with their food. It was the first time I have had that type of food before but it definitely made me want to try more. I agree with them about their ramen, it had so much flavor and the perfect level of spice. I will definitely be going back to try more.

You can see Texas Monthly's review of the restaurant here. Masiso Cupbap is located at 4809 34th St, Lubbock, TX 79410. You can find out more about them on their website or by calling the store at (806) 368-5469.

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