Last week we had a woman find cocaine in her granola bar. Now from Round Rock, Texas, we have a guy find the white powder in his vehicle.

According to the report from KXAN, Tom Jennings left his Jeep Cherokee off at the Maaco Collision Repair in Round Rock for some minor repairs. When he got it back, he found there was new damage to the outside of the rear right passenger side door and the mirror, plus a streak of white paint down the side.

But that was nothing compared to what he found inside the Jeep.

The police report from back in November says Jennings found a small bag of white powder in the front door compartment that turned out to be cocaine.

Jennings was obviously horrified as he has a 5-year old son. He said the incident occurred right after Halloween and the child could have easily picked up the bag thinking it was candy or sugar.

Apparently this is not an isolated incident either. KXAN found the Round Rock Police have been investigating complaints surround Maaco Collision Repair that claim customers vehicles have been taken for lengthy drives and used for parties. In one case, a customer's vehicle was even involved in a car chase.

Authorities continue to investigate and the case is still open. Jennings has sued the owner of Maaco Collision Repair Center even though the employee who apparently committed the crimes has been terminated.

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