On the Thursday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, state Senator Dan Patrick, candidate for Texas Lieutenant Governor, talked with Chad Hasty about his campaign and some of the big issues across the country.

One of the biggest stories in the country right now is the anti-gay comments made by Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson in an interview with GQ magazine. Robertson's comments caused huge backlash from liberals and gay rights organizations, and shortly after the remarks were made, A&E announced that Robertson was now placed on "indefinite hiatus."

Patrick said of himself that he was a Christian first, and a conservative second, and that he staunchly supported Robertson's comments. He added that he firmly believes God will use anyone to speak to the people, and that those comments would not have had the same kind of impact if someone other than Robertson had said them.

"If a Republican delivered this message, if Dan Patrick as the next Lieutenant Governor delivered this message, if Ted Cruz delivered this message, if a conservative leader delivered this message, it would not have the same impact as someone who is the most watched cable person in the history of television...God has used Phil, of all people, a Duck Dynasty show, to say clearly what He is thinking."

Patrick went on to say that one of the biggest problems in the country is this "counter culture" and broken families that have turned away from God. He said that people need to focus on fixing families, and fixing that first will lead to fixing other problems like education. Patrick added that the office of Lieutenant Governor is the most important office in Texas, and that he is confident he will win that race and get done what needs to be done to make Texas strong.

For more information on Dan Patrick and his campaign for Lieutenant Governor, visit his website at danpatrick.org.

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