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Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick is offering up a suggestion on how to deal with Democrats who flee the State of Texas and how to prevent such action in the future from impacting a special session. Patrick's solution? Change the quorum rules.

The Lieutenant Governor took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon saying he supported a special session for August 8th and that quorum rules should be changed to a majority plus one, "like it is in most states".

Patrick added that he believed voters would support the majority plus one plan. That way the Democrats would not be able to shut down a special session.

As you probably know by now, more than 50 Texas House Democrats fled the State of Texas earlier in the week, breaking a House quorum that is needed to vote on legislation. The Democrats took private planes to Washington, D.C. and have stayed at nice D.C. hotels all while meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Joe Manchin.

Without a quorum in Austin, Texas House members can't vote on important legislation dealing with voter integrity, paying retired teachers an extra paycheck, and adding money into the foster care system.

Democrats claim they are tying to block legislation that would hurt voters and lead to voter restrictions.

The current special session is scheduled to end on August 6th. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has said previously on The Chad Hasty Show that he is willing to call special session after special session after special session until both sides sit down and pass voter integrity.

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