It should come to no one's surprise that Texas has gone through the wringer with severe weather these past few days. With flash flood warnings and hail/thunderstorm threats, small animals and pets encounter risks of being swept away.

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Seguin, TX, which is actually still experiencing flood advisories, saw an interesting call for the fire department yesterday evening. You see, with all the rain passing through the city, someone noticed a little kitten trapped inside of a storm drain (insert Pennywise joke).

The Seguin Fire Department were called to the scene because, in their own words, "no job is too big or small" when it comes to providing assistance and safety for the community.

It's a good thing that they showed up when they did. I sure wouldn't want to be stuck in a storm drain for multiple days, four legs or two.

Texas storm drains

This is by no means the first case of animals trapped in storm drains here in Texas. In fact, just last year, firefighters in Austin rescued a family dog from the street drain, and in 2019, Carrollton Animal Services were able to safely extract two dogs from a storm drain and reunite them with their owners.

Texas is renowned for its ability, or perceived lack thereof, of adequate water drainage. To help spread the word and quell some fears, the Dallas Flood Control and Storm Drainage Subcommittee released a presentation on how water backup can occur in times of high intake during storms.

These drains are meant to provide safety to public areas in cities, but, as we've seen, they can pose a threat to small animals who venture too close during flooding. It's important to approach these drains with a healthy caution when walking your pets.

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