Some people love nothing more than drinking a cold beer after a long day of working in the sun. So much so that they would trade anything to crack open a cold one and enjoy that first refreshing sip.

That seems to be the case in this video posted by @sebastianware on TikTok, when what looks like a commercial Texas fishing boat and a recreational boat pull up to each other to make a trade. The commercial boat, which probably caught more than enough fish for the day, had a bucket of bycatch they didn’t need. The recreational fishermen, as most do, brought more than enough beer on board their ship to enjoy. So, when an offer was made to trade, both fishermen seemed more than happy to participate.

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Warning: NSFW Language

This is such an iconic interaction that I’m so glad it was caught on tape. You just know that either the commercial fisherman saw the beer and asked for a case, or the recreational fisherman offered them up because they needed more bait for the rest of their fishing day. Both sides got something they wanted and left that interaction with an iconic story to tell.

In the comments of the video, many other fishermen shared similar experiences. One commenter even said they would specifically keep extra beer and good coffee on their boat for trades. It is great seeing these types of interactions between those that share similar interests and passions. It is heartwarming and fun to know that these fishermen watch out for each other and have some fun out on the water.

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