When you think 'chicken' you probably think grilled or crispy but one Lubbock chicken has a new lease on life. A Lubbock resident recently posted to social media that they found two chickens inside of a dumpster in South Lubbock, 144th Street, and called animal control to assist. That person states in the post that they were not able to get a hold of animal control so they proceeded to check on the chickens, one of which passed away and the other was near death.

Max West, Facebook
Max West, Facebook

The chicken near death did seem to be suffering from some sort of heat illness after being stuck in the dumpster and also had some injuries. After the chicken was posted to social media by the person who found it is when Max West decided she would do something about it.

West reached out to the person in her neighborhood group and took in the chicken as she was new to the hobby and couldn't stand seeing the poor hen suffering. When West got the hen from the person that was caring for it temporarily is when she noticed that there were wounds on it's wing and neck area as if some type of animal bit it or possibly it was shot by a human with a BB gun.

West's sister-in-law, who has a degree in Agriculture, helped her through caring for the injured bird and tending to its wounds. West also gave the hen some electrolytes too since it been dumped in a dumpster with the lid on. After some yogurt, oats, and spinach West was then contacted by Maddie Ward who immediately wanted to care for the hen and give her a nice home and flock to call her own.

Maddie Ward, Facebook
Maddie Ward, Facebook

Maddie Ward soon picked up the injured bird who was showing signs of improvement and like any bird just kept going up from there. Maddie believes that if the person who found the hen, named Angel/Angela, hadn't got a head start in her care then she would have been done for.

Now Angel has a flock that has taken her in and a rooster who has shown signs that he will protect her from harm. Maddie will be keeping up the rehabilitation for Angel and tend to her as much as possible so that she can live a good happy life.

There doesn't seem to be any suspects in who might have dumped Angel in that dumpster but she was very lucky to have been found and all parties are grateful that she is enjoying life. West does want people to know that if you are in need of rehoming your chicken then it's easy to just go online to one of the many chicken Facebook groups, Everything Chicken Lubbock and Surrounding Areas or Lubbock, West Texas Chicken Poultry Keepers Backyard and Farm Group. These methods are much more humane rather than leaving them to fend for themselves in the wild and just because chickens are sometimes food doesn't mean they aren't friends.

Update: Angel's up and running her new flock with a majestic and caring rooster by her side. Her new mom says Angel was what the entire flock needed to whip them into shape. Thanks are extended to everyone who helped in getting Angel to her little slice of heaven and a second chance at life.

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