A 7th grader from Rosenberg, Texas wearing a Star Wars: The Force Awakens t-shirt was told to cover it up because it featured a stormtrooper holding a gun.

According to ABC 13, school officials did not reprimand Colton Southern, but did tell him that he needed to zip up his jacket.

The report says that Colton's father Joe called the move "political correctness run amok." Colton had apparently wore the shirt to school several times before without any issue.

School officials told Colton the shirt was banned because it has a gun on it. A spokesperson for the LCISD secondary school says the handbook spells out the violation in the dress code that includes "symbols oriented towards violence."

Southern's father says the incident amounts to a violation of the first amendment.

"He's a Boy Scout, active in church, volunteers at Brazos Bend State Park. There's not a violent bone in his body. He's just an excited kid for the movie," he said.