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There are a lot of crazy things you can find on TikTok, and then sometimes we all see a video that really touches us. This is one of those stories.

Last week a couple in Amarillo were alerted to someone ringing their doorbell. Thanks to them having a doorbell camera they were able to capture the conversation they had with 12-year-old Shayden Walker. Walker is seen in the video asking Ray if he knew any kids that were 11 or 12-years-old and that he needed some friends, "like, really bad". According to NBC in Dallas, Ray directed Shayden to a house close by, but Shayden said those kids weren't his friends anymore because they bullied him.

"Well, um, they’re not my friends anymore because they’re bullies to me."

He then asked Ray if he had any children and he responded by saying he does, but his daughter is only two years old.

"Oh, OK that's great," Walker said. "I love two-year-olds to be honest, they're just the most cutest things I have ever known," revealing to Ray that he enjoyed playing with his younger sister when she was two.

Ray promised to say hello to Shayden the next time he saw him. The couple then saw that Shayden had come up to the door earlier, but didn't say anything. That's when the couple posted the video on TikTok and the post went viral with many people feeling horribly for Shayden.

@brennanray Its takes 2 seconds to make someones day, you never know what people are going through until you get a chance to talk to them. This young man is well mannered, kind, and brave. So tiktok can we help shayden make some friends???#fyp #bekind #nobullying #love #kindness #letschangetheworld ♬ original sound - Brennan Ray

That's when the couple thought of starting a Go Fund Me with a goal of $7,000 to buy Shayden a gaming set, school clothes, and other fun items. The goal was smashed according to NBC.

The original goal of the GoFundMe was $7,000 but the donations exceeded expectations at $37,257.

"Thank you all for your generosity and kindness! We expected to see support from this community but we're shocked and amazed by how everyone's shown up for Shayden," the couple posted on the GoFundMe. "We decided to turn off donations while we coordinate with his family, but all funds will stay in the GoFundMe account until then. We'll keep you updated along the way. Thank you! #kindnessmatters

According to a report out of ABC7 in Chicago, Shayden is doing well and his confidence has grown.

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