A business organization in Texas is part of a lawsuit regarding the state’s education system.

The Texas Association of Business is part of a lawsuit, which argues that Texas should have a more efficient education system.

Arguments began in the 200th Judicial District Court in Travis County with Judge John Dietz presiding.

TAB President and CEO Bill Hammond says that there are many state laws and regulations that require or encourage school districts to spend money inefficiently in ways that do not produce results.

“We need to see that the over $50 billion of taxpayer money that is spent on the public education system is spent in the most efficient manner,” said Hammond. “This is why we have entered the court case on the side of asking the courts to instruct the legislature to implement real efficiencies into the system.”

Hammond says that he hopes for a court ruling “which would instruct lawmakers to stop telling local school administrators how to do their jobs and instead hold them accountable for results.”

The group Texans for Real Efficiency and Equity in Education is a party and primary funder of the suit.

TAB’s complete press release on the lawsuit is available here.