Fewer Texans with postsecondary education are unemployed as opposed to those with only a high school diploma or less, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

During 2012, 4.3 percent of Texans that earned some form of postsecondary training were unemployed, compared to 7.6 percent of those with up to a high school diploma.

“It’s clear we need to ensure that every Texan has access to postsecondary education,” said Texas Association of Business President and CEO Bill Hammond.

“Students who attend career-oriented institutions are given the opportunity to excel in employable occupations, from information technology to medical professions, which helps them attain financial security in an uncertain economy,” Hammond continued.

The Texas Association of Business says that colleges and universities that offer flexible course schedules and degrees in high-demand fields of study play a vital role “in getting America’s workers back to work,” according to a press release from the group.